Send tokens

  1. Do NOT send tokens to or interact with the Crowdpooling contract address before or after the Crowdpooling campaign. Your tokens may be lost forever and DODO is not liable for any asset losses due to user contract interactions outside the Crowdpooling period.
  2. You can freely adjust your Crowdpooling stake amount at any time before the Crowdpooling campaign ends.
  3. If the total staked amount by participants is below the Crowdpooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens normally (i.e. the number of tokens received = the amount participants staked / token price). The leftover tokens will be put into the liquidity pool and become available for spot trading.
  4. If the total staked amount by participants is over the Crowdpooling hard cap, then all participants will receive tokens proportional to their shares of the pool, at the initial offering price. Any difference between the amount participants staked and the actual cost of the tokens (i.e., token price * the number of tokens actually received) is then refunded back to participants.
  5. Note: Due to the flexibility of DODO’s Proactive Market Maker (PMM) algorithm, the opening price, once spot trading begins, can be equal to the Crowdpooling token price, even if the hard cap is not reached. That is, the opening price is not determined by the amount of assets in the resulting liquidity pools. How it works under the hood is that the PMM algorithm truncates part of the bonding curve and assumes that there is a certain amount of buying support in the market. Even if the amount of capital contributed by participants is low, the opening price can still be the Crowdpooling price, and the resulting bonding curve will have a minimum/floor price. Funds staked by users can then push the token price from the minimum price to the Crowdpooling token price.
  6. Participation in Crowdpooling is NOT risk-free. DODO is not liable and will not be offering compensations for any asset losses caused by factors such as project mismanagement, arbitrary and/or malicious token minting, and secondary market manipulation. Cryptocurrencies are a high-risk asset class, so please always proceed with caution and beware of various risks.
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In the previous IDO, a person who had a SOLIR transaction was exchanged for 1 SOLIR = 0.1 usdt.
Are people who have previously participated in IDOs???

for 0.001 $ you need to take

what mean???

Hello. If you took part in the previous round. Email support for a refund You need to specify a transaction.

i need a refund

12670 SOLIR was obtained from the former IDO.

wallet address

is 0xc6dd2825656c3aacDb1Dd6c311b832470e44325C

How will the refund process go?

Will we open a new crowdpooling for refunds?

I sent the email regarding former ido refund. please check your mail

i need a refund & sent e-mail already pls check.

10006 SOLIR was obtained from the former IDO.

wallet address

is 0x075dc7b80632A0d4CD8B59BE83CccA2057CCD3cF

how to participate?

I’ve emailed several times, but no reply.

Hi. We have accepted your application. Within a few days we will make you a refund. Then we will inform you about the transaction.

you need to apply to the whitelist. then take part in the sale on September 30

Why are you blinding previous posts?
Are you asking enough questions to ask?

Why didn’t refund yet?! You must refund before new crowdpooling!

Why can’t it be traded solir

He’s gone…This was scam…

Hi all, This topic will be closed, please join the project community to discuss, thanks