Introducing the Lotus Capital (LCC) DVM IDO on DODO BSC on 5th September 2021


Hello CommanDODOs,

Lotus Capital (LCC) will start a DODO Vending Machine (DVM) IDO campaign on DODO {BSC} on 5th September 2021. The proceeds will be used to create a liquidity pool for LCC and users will be able to trade LCC with arbitrary BEP-20 tokens on DODO.

Lotus Capital is a tokenized venture fund, which means every participant receives shares of our future profits.

Our vision is to build a decentralized international investment fund that will unite the most influential blockchain organizations and allow them to connect with projects that require funding. Our investors receive a share of our fund and lifetime dividends, while we continue to hold and increase the value of the Lotus Capital Token. Lotus Capital works according to an enhanced buy-back mechanism: we charge 5% on all transactions and use the money to regularly buy back the Lotus Capital Token from holders. Our mission is not only to generate profits for our investors but also to support different crypto startups by providing them with capital and network.

DODO Vending Machine is a brand new way of creating liquidity markets and distributing token assets, made possible by our proactive market maker (PMM) Algorithm. With the help of DVM, Project team only need to provide project tokens, customize their price curve, without ceding liquidity for them.

DVM IDO Information

Project Name: Lotus Capital (LCC)

Token Contract Address:0x722686b970d278cdc4436975f3752c162e62f559

Token Allocation Chart/Tokenomics & Distribution:

  • Mint Fee for TrustSwap: 0.5%
  • Public/IDO Sale: 54.5%
  • Initial Investment Fund: 10%
  • Opterations: 10%
  • Founders & Team: 20%
  • Future Listings: 5%

DVM Initial Token Allocation: 529,518,481.734118 LCC (54.5% of the Total Token Supply)

DVM Initial Token Price: 1 LCC = 0.000025 ETH

DVM Trading Pair: LCC / ETH

IDO Link:DODO - Your on-chain liquidity provider.

Trading Start Time: 5th September 2021

Additional Notes on DVM IDO:

  1. In a DVM liquidity pool, the price of a token asset is indicated by a bonding curve, which is a customizable upward trending pricing curve. The token price will fluctuate along the curve as liquidity enters or leaves the pool.
  2. Every liquidity provider of a DVM liquidity pool is free to adjust their staked amount in the pool.
  3. If there are no other liquidity pool for the same trading pair, then the token price for this DVM pool will not be lower than the initial price. If the token price reverts back to its initial price, that means the liquidity for its DVM pool has gone back to zero (i.e. gone back to its initial state).
  4. Market making and liquidity provision involve risk of loss and are not suitable for every user. The valuation and prices of token assets may fluctuate substantially, and, as a result, users may see profits that are below expectations, or even sustain losses.

Project Profile

Name: Lotus Capital (LCC)

Official Website:


Telegram:Telegram: Contact @lotuscapital

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